What Is Brand Suitability?

In almost any industry, it’s important for almost every brand to build a unique identity regardless of industry. But what exactly will it require in order to get the right message out to its ideal customers? That’s where brand suitability comes into play. We’ll dive into what brand suitability […]

So what is brand suitability in an example, let’s take a look at one right now.

Example of brand suitability

Let’s say that you are a company that sells survival gear. You have a promotion going on that sells tactical flashlights. The success of brand suitability depends on the positioning of a specific ad. For example, if your company sells a tactical flashlight, it’s better to position an ad in a light to where such a product can save them in a dire situation.

Let’s take a look at two different messages for the same product. The first one involves taking the family out for a camping trip. Of course, a flashlight is needed whenever you need to go outside at night and retrieve something.

Here’s another message: a storm has ripped through your part of town. Power outages are widespread and the estimated time for restoration will be a couple of days at most. Without power, how can you navigate your home at night with no adequate lighting to work with?

So you need a flashlight that will last a long time. Not to mention, the news of a bad storm knocking out power may tie into brand suitability. Disastrous weather that leads to property damage, serious injury, and death will typically make news headlines.

In the event that you survive, you’ll need the tools to help you through the aftermath. This is an example of cultural relevance in action. The branding and message is suitable because it focuses more on a recent event where a tactical flashlight is needed as a survival tool rather than a camping necessity.

Brand suitability and the messaging in ads will always tie to current and cultural relevant events. Being contextually aware of your message will make your brand stand out in a positive light as opposed to running an ad with none of that and have it fall flat.

Brand suitability vs brand safety

Simply put, brand safety is defined as determining what is appropriate and what is not for their brand. In other words, if their brand is more family-friendly, certainly they don’t want to use adult-oriented themes as a way to promote their products or service. It’s also been part of so many conversations among advertising circles.

It’s also important to incorporate both brand safety and brand suitability since it will less likely create any kind of controversy. If anything, when both of these are not considered by brands and advertisers, they risk getting in some kind of trouble. Not to mention, it may even generate some media attention if it’s a really big deal.

It’s bad enough that some companies tend to hit the wrong mark because of some of their advertising (albeit digital advertising, where the rules are slightly lax compared to traditional advertising methods like TV, radio, and print). Granted, social media platforms like Facebook have since implemented guidelines that fall in line to where brand safety and suitability are the only option for brands when advertising digitally.

When it comes to brand safety, especially when using a dire situation for example, you want it to be where it can generate awareness about dire situations, but not to the extreme. Circling back to the flashlight example, make the target market aware of what happens during a power outage and how certain things can be rendered useless temporarily like electricity.

Final Thoughts

Brand suitability is super important in advertising even today. You want the message to be on target and contextually aware so that your ideal market understands it. You want to keep within the boundaries without violating any kind of brand safety that could deem your advertisement controversial or even downright inappropriate.

Brand suitability and brand safety do go hand in hand. So treat them as if they are the most important parts of advertising your brand even when you’re starting out.

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