Interest In 'Brand Safety' Continues To Spike, 'Customer Focus' Too

Our current multiple crises environment has thrown many marketers’ strategies into disarray, pushing “brand safety” into the forefront for many brands even more than usual.

This week’s analysis of marketing-related interest and intent data from Bombora shows two big themes.

One is how interest in brand safety correlates to a focus on brand values.

“Brand Safety” is a growing area of interest among brands and agencies — and for good reason.

With more people consuming content online, there is a greater need for brands to ensure the eradication of harmful content.

Increasingly, brand safety — driven by the immediacy of social media backlash — is being brought to the attention of the masses, provoking brands and business owners to take action-driven commitment by halting, reevaluating or reallocating their digital marketing dollars to platforms and publishers that align with their company values.

Those marketers that consider brand safety a moral obligation are now exploring the issues of brand safety — and what it means to their business. Those that are avoiding the implementation of brand-safety measures or checks run the risk of harming their brand.

>While most marketers are using this time to focus largely on broad-based messaging in response to cultural and societal issues, there has been a significant decline in search intent around “Customer Communications” and “Customer Experience and Engagement.”

Both have taken a dramatic dive since early June, presumably due to the fact that marketers are still trying to decipher who exactly they are talking to and repositioning themselves around customer needs.

However, now is not the time for you to take your foot off the marketing pedal. Interest in “Customer Segmentation” and “Customer Behavior” among brands has soared as marketers rethink their personalization strategy to be more empathetic and helpful to individuals.

In this new customer-led landscape, it is mission critical that brands continually learn and optimize to provide the right experiences to customers and prospects.

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