Integral Ad Science launches ‘Context Control’

Integral Ad Science (IAS) has announced the launch of ‘Context Control’, a new suite of brand safety and suitability solutions.

The Context Control suite of solutions now incorporates the semantic technology within the verification space to deliver unmatched accuracy and granularity in online content classification. Superior content classification enables a new level of precision and scale for marketers seeking to better navigate the content adjacencies associated with their online campaigns.

Context Control gives advertisers access to custom and curated contextual targeting capabilities based on an array of contextual signals such as content sentiment and its underlying emotional classification – powerful features that many competing solutions do not offer, the company said in a press statement.

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It also delivers a precise semantic understanding of page-level context – this enables advertisers to navigate common homonym scenarios that keyword blocking cannot (such as the difference between “gunshot” versus “basketball shot” content).

Tony Marlow, CMO, IAS, said, “Marketers are constantly engaged in a zero-sum contest against their competitors to find the highest quality and most effective impressions for their campaigns. IAS’s Context Control changes everything for advertisers who want a significant competitive edge in unlocking the enormous power of context for their campaigns.”

Additionally, it allows publishers to more strategically categorise and package their content, leaving them better equipped to appropriately monetise page impressions by uncovering a more comprehensive set of contexts to match the objectives of their advertising clients.

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