DynAdmic’s semantic analytics lead contextual targeting to overtake the power of cookies

As we watch the automated cookie age disappearing there isn’t a CMO who is not already planning for a “cookieless future,” with an eye for innovating what has previously been an arm’s length approach to ad placement. Whilst there remain a limited number of solutions that have a like for like replacement to the third-party cookie, we are seeing the leading media platform players innovating at speed to drive renewed power of contextual placement media. These teams, such as the global leader DynAdmic, believe that a shift away from cookies shouldn’t mean that the brands can no longer target their consumers in relevant and powerfully resonant occasions, and they are proving that the change may result in improved consumer attention.

When asking CEO & founder of DynAdmic, a global leader in contextual media innovation, Stephane Bonjean, why their clients are choosing this approach to placement he offers that “our clients have seen contextual targeting yield increase attention at lower media costs as well drive greater brand impact and longer viewership and completion rates.”

Contextual placement today bares very little resemblance to what we once knew. Whilst it used to simply mean placing ads adjacent to relevant content or searching for keywords, today the granular sophistication of the systems behind the contextual placements offers benefits in behavioral targeting that drill deep into the content that consumers are actively looking for. Content that is interest and mindset based.

Fueled by AI and with the power to analyse billions of placements for relevance and connection every day, advertisers now have the opportunity to do far more than place their ad on a site and hope for results. “The ability to place branded content and ads exactly where consumers want to see them has a hugely effective impact on viewership and engagement and provides many of the efficiencies of personalised messaging delivery” continues Bonjean.

Where this really gets interesting is when you begin to layer the sophistication of semantic recognition technology, such as that at DynAdmic, which allow videos to be placed within fine-tuned verbal and audio environments for direct relevance. DynAdmic’s intelligent systems leverage the power of semantic algorithms and analytics in media placement to allow for both nuance and scale by ensuring placement specificity across a wide global network allowing for significantly improved impact on sales, ROI and purchase intention.

Many platforms have lagged in this space but DynAdmic has been a leader in this space since 2012, honing their intelligence and accuracy ever since. Their proprietary audio-recognition technology has been enabling their clients to analyse across formats by listening live to content, spoken voice and sound effects to overhaul the accuracy and response to advertising. The sophisticated approaches available can also allow marketers to specifically nominate environments which they want to include, and, importantly, the ones they want to exclude for safety reasons such as environments sharing hate speech, violence, hyper politicalism, racism, toxicity or stereotyping.

It’s no surprise today that finding credible, trusted media partners is critical to all advertisers. “Our team at DynAdmic are reassuring the efficacy of the future of video placement and contextual efficiency because we believe that the path forward is not simply in first-party data, but in a refocusing on the brand and the media experience to meet the demands of the consumer where they are. This has to be in real-time and against consumer’s real interest sets” Bonjean closes.

Find out more at http://us.dynadmic.com/ or directly with Lara Krumholz, Global VP Partnerships https://www.linkedin.com/in/larakrumholz?originalSubdomain=br

DynAdmic curates digital video advertising inventory from the world’s leading websites by utilizing smart semantic targeting and activating brand safety and fraud security, while focusing on campaign performance metrics. They connect world-class advertisers with qualified audiences across Youtube, apps and the largest publishers reaching more than 450MM viewers globally and targeting viewers in real-time based on what they are about to watch by using their proprietary AI audio recognition technology. Their exclusive demand platform scans 20,000 pages per minute and scores every page according to brand safety, contextual relevance and qualified audience parameters.

By leveraging a superior and owned code, the DynAdmic team can identify and target viewers’ real-time interest and prospective consumers from their audience catalogue in 60 languages across the world with a fraud rate of less than 1% according to Moat. DynAdmic is the only certified Google partner that connects the online with offline world with TV Sync, and has a 96% context relevance score as well as third-party verification from IAS.

DynAdmic partners with the leading brands, agencies and publishers and is comprised of 130 people in 7 countries.

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