DoubleVerify unveils new measurement dashboard, its first for publishers

Digital media data platform DoubleVerify has launched a new dashboard to help publishers improve the effectiveness of their online advertising. The company says its Publisher Suite will help publishers manage their three biggest challenges: processing data, getting paid and avoiding fake traffic across their inventory.

“We can give publishers the same transparent view of how their inventory is perceived from the buy side and provide it to the most specific buyer,” says Dan Slivjanovski, chief marketing officer at DoubleVerify.

Culture magazine Essence said the Publisher Suite includes tools that can determine context and reduce false flags created by blocklists. “Instead of flagging ‘snatched’, ‘guns’ and ‘beat’ as block words,” Tara Nanda, senior manager, business intelligence of Essence said in an email, “DoubleVerify’s brand safety technology can distinguish that ‘snatched’ is used in the context of fierce beauty, ‘guns’ refers to being physically built and ‘beat’ is used in regard to beauty and makeup regimes.”

The dashboard also includes automation to help with video delivery and media. Nanda said it helps identify “breakages” in digital video content caused by using multiple video players across the Essence site. “If my viewability has dipped across the site, I can tell which player, which brand, and I can dig down right away to figure out what creative is at stake and fix it,” said Nanda.

“The DV Publisher Suite is designed to reduce the administrative overhead required to manage programmatic and direct buyers,” says Steven Woolway, DoubleVerify executive vice president of business development.

Woolway says the suite helps maximize revenue for publishers by ensuring the buyer’s expectations of media quality are matched with the publisher’s inventory and can even package together “high quality” media offerings that publishers can sell at a higher rate compared to selling across an entire network of inventory. Nanda said Essence can sell viewable videos, and charge a higher cost, because the software allows them to guarantee the ads are shown only in 100-percent viewable videos, without needing to buffer in additional impressions.

Publishers represent a new audience for DoubleVerify, whose tech has been mainly for advertisers and agencies. Launch partners include Hearst, Meredith, Healthline, TechTarget, Univision, Comcast, Mashable, Remedy Health Media and others.

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