DoubleVerify launches Brand Suitability Tiers

Brand Suitability Tiers is the latest version of the company’s brand safety and suitability solution, and follows the launch in November of Video Complete, a solution said to offer holistic campaign quality measurement and maximum brand protection across all video environments.

“At a time when brand alignment with appropriate content has never been more important, our launch of Brand Suitability Tiers delivers a more nuanced and brand-specific way to assess content and context,” explained DoubleVerify CEO Mark Zagorski.

“Optimising for brand suitability is just one part of our broader drive to ensure that all digital transactions are transparent and secure. Through Brand Suitability Tiers, advertisers are able to carefully balance brand reputation protection and campaign scale, while publishers are empowered to better meet advertiser expectations and maximise yield for the quality content they produce.”

For advertisers, Brand Suitability Tiers offer 13 categories of content tiered by three levels of risk. Content risk is determined by both content type and topic. This approach to content classification lets brands exercise more refined avoidance strategies while preserving campaign scale – for example, advertising beside trusted news, while avoiding sensitive topics in unprofessional or UGC content. In total, DV clients will be able to take advantage of 89 unique brand safety and suitability settings, offering what DV says is the most comprehensive and flexible coverage available in the market.

On the supply side, Brand Suitability Tiers let publishers access the data and insights they need to analyse inventory and optimise campaign performance relative to suitability – during and after the sales process. It provides a common language, helping demand and supply partners agree on transactions involving suitability requirements. This transparency enables better optimisation and inventory allocation, allowing publishers to maximise monetisation of their supply. Today, DV serves over 110 publishers, including more than half of the top-100 Comscore-ranked web publishers.

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