DoubleVerify claims first for global CTV ad transparency

Aiming to address the demands of a broadcasting world of increased connected TV investments, digital media measurement, data and analytics firm DoubleVerify has announced what it says is the industry’s first connected TV (CTV) fully on-screen completion measurement offering. The new capability is designed to allow advertisers to measure […]

And even though it accepts that measuring viewability historically has been challenging across CTV inventory, DoubleVerify’s fully on-screen completion measurement capabilities are claimed to address this challenge and offer global brands insight into two key CTV metrics: quartile completion metrics and fully on-screen metrics.

With regards to the former, advertisers are said to be now able to understand how many impressions were played to completion and identify drop-off points along the way. Completion metrics are measured and reported for impressions that are delivered via the DV VAST Wrapper with a breakdown of video campaign playback enabling a buyer to understand the volume of impressions.

As regards fully on-screen metrics, the solution is said to provide a subset of completion metrics with a VAST Visibility Certification, confirming that impressions originate from sources (devices, apps, and platforms) that deliver 100% of the ad’s pixels on the screen consistently.

Looking at the launch, DoubleVerify said that viewability measurement in the CTV environment has been challenging for multiple reasons – from technical execution to lack of agreed-upon standards, but that its new solution offered unique components that address the current viewability challenges for CTV advertisers.“For advertisers, viewability is table stakes across every digital environment and channel,” said Dan Slivjanovski, CMO, DoubleVerify. “We’re excited to launch this landmark solution, bringing buyers an accurate proxy for traditional viewability.”

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