Digital Ad Fraud Fulfills Everyone’s Key Needs

purple portion with label Getty Countless articles have been written about the harms caused by digital ad fraud . And countless more will be written. No one can claim to not know about it. No one can claim it’s not a problem. And no one can claim they don’t […]

Ad exchanges make money based on the volume of impressions that flow through their platform. They need more ad fraud. Ideally someone else does it, so they don’t have to create it themselves (although some have). Agencies that buy digital media for advertisers need more volume and lower prices, so they can do a “good job” for their clients. They need more ad fraud. Fraud detection companies need more ad fraud so they can continue to have a job and get paid. Venture capitalists that invested in ad tech companies desperately need more ad fraud so the hockey-stick revenue projections they showed in powerpoints actually come true.

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