5 reasons brand suitability is vital

(© EtiAmmos – stock.adobe.com) 2020 is a risky time to be in the marketing and advertising industry. One wrong move and your entire organization can come crumbling down! There have never been more consumers online looking to call out companies who are not sending the right message. Even with […]

Even with a list of keywords and content to avoid, it is no longer a guarantee that an innocent advertisement can not create a black hole of backlash that is impossible to get out of. Once there is an angry mob of consumers online, it is very hard to change the narrative of what they are saying about your brand.

This is where brand suitability has evolved to become an extremely important aspect of any marketing campaign or strategy.

Here are five reasons why brand suitability should be your number one priority.

Brand safety is no longer the answer

In fact, brand safety has actually done a quick transition to brand suitability in 2020, as there is no longer a simple approach of safely placing advertising with content. Brand suitability has taken a much more tactical approach in helping to highlight environments that will best drive positive outcomes for marketing campaigns. It also helps utilize consumer behavior, marketing analytics, and ad placement in a strategic way to fully maximize the placement of your ad.

Keyword blocking is risky

Nowadays, blocking keywords that you want your brand to avoid being placed with can backfire on you! This means that you might even miss out on potential sales or revenue means because of one keyword. That is why brand suitability is a logical solution, as it does not one in on just keywords. It analyses the entire environment of a potential advertising platform to ensure that no opportunities are missed out on.

There is an extra level of protection

Brand safety is still important to consider, don’t get us wrong! But it is not enough to just rely on that nowadays. Brand suitability helps add an extra layer of support to advertisers and gives a more holistic understanding of where your advertising is being placed. This is especially helpful if you advertise on news websites, as the news cycle runs so fast that your advert might mistakenly be placed in context with a story that contradicts your messaging!

There are brand suitability experts

Feeling a bit nervous about trying to conquer brand suitability all on your own? The good news is that there are marketing companies who are highly skilled in brand suitability and can create tailored guidelines to help you navigate the fast-paced advertising world. More so, an expert with brand suitability will be able to point out some factors that might not have even been considered, such as cultural sensitivities for regions in the world that might see your advertisements.

Brand suitability considers your brand’s own needs

Sometimes it is easy to actually get funneled in on solely thinking about what your audience wants. But it is important to not forget what your own brand needs as well. After all, you need to make a living. Brand suitability does what brand safety can not simply do alone—and that equally monitors and evaluate your own needs as well. It ensures that the platforms you are on match your brand mission and values and that it is equally not at reputation risk with your internal organization!

For your brand to positively stand out in the digital world of 2020, finding a balance between brand safety and brand suitability is essential. Not only do the needs and demands of your consumers need to be met, but the needs and desires of your own company need to be matched as well. Brand suitability is basically your matchmaker for a successful marketing campaign!

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