Digital Auditing

Adapted to your needs

Take ownership of your digital data

  • Booked vs Actual Delivery
  • Inventory served outside the targeted Geographic area
  • Inventory served outside of flight dates

  • Inventory delivered on Non-Brand safe content
  • Long Tail delivery and Inventory quality
  • Fraudulent Inventory (Invalid Traffic)

  • Inventory delivered on Non-Brand safe content
  • Negative categories & keywords
  • Blocked Sites & Domains

  • CPM calculation removing all waste & non-valid inventory to calculate the effective rate paid
  • Non-productive spend calculated by campaign, media partner and placement/package 

What we do

We provide a detailed and comprehensive insight into how your budget is actually being spent. This would include ways to significantly reduce waste and seek compensation

We deliver a detailed look into Delivery issues, Quality issues and Safety Issues to calculate the actual CPM that was effective for your marketing efforts.

How we do it

Our technical solution offers the means to synthesize sizeable datasets more efficiently and quicker than any agency team. The advertising data is then harvested to provide a consolidated view of campaign spend and execution.


Our platform includes connectors to all the commonly used platforms, servers, and billing software which allow us to bring all your data together in one place.

We connect Ad servers, programmatic, social media and content verification platforms.

We provide a detailed insight into how your budget is actually being spent.

We help you understand where and how to optimise you marketing efforts.

Our Findings

Throughout the years we have gathered  


Of sites were not tagged for Fraud, Viewability or Brand safety measurement.


Of wasted spend across the different industries.

100k to 10m

Net savings amongst our clients have ranged from $100k to $10m.

Brands we've worked on

Why Mediaoptimise?

We provide a big data infrastructure to hold, normalise, connect and analyse all your advertising data – each day.

We augment your data to provide better insights into your Marketing efforts

e.g. brand safety or targeting.

We specifically identify the value of the pain points and establish a process to recover, reduce and report on wasted spend.

We adapt our services to your specific needs and ensure audit quality with thorough computerized and human efforts.

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